Communicate, instruct and inspire with video

Video management from well-organised dashboard with the ability to make videos interactive and personal and to integrate them into business processes.

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Video management from well-organised dashboard

Distribute videos through various channels while maintaining overall view.

Easily create all kinds of reports on usage; total views, total viewing time, views per video, views per channel, etc.

Add interaction and personal elements

Add interactive and personal elements to videos so that the message is viewed more often and longer.

Adding all kinds of menus, radio buttons, input fields and personal items, so the content adjusts to the profile of the Viewer.

Integration into business processes

Make automated processes more accessible and personally appeal to users.

Privacy-proof storing of answers and personally forwarding the Viewer to the internal systems of the organization.

All devices

It works on all devices because the functionality adapts to the device on which the information is displayed.

Flexibly scalable

It is flexibly scalable because it runs in the cloud on networks of secure data centers such as Amazon.


GuidingTube can be applied in different industries.

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