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The behavioral coach was developed to enhance the analysis of behavioral causes. In the experience of healthcare professionals, there are no instruments to help them improve behavioral analyses. Unfortunately, too often solutions for certain types of behavior are considered in detail, even though their causes have not yet been examined. As a result, sometimes interventions are deployed that do not remove behavioral causes, which then continue to exist. Moreover, professionals who do have knowledge of certain causal areas may overlook other possible causes. It is important to widen the scope of the analysis, preferably by looking at someone from various disciplines and perspectives. The behavioral coach is an instrument intended to help healthcare professionals think carefully about causes before thinking about solutions. A major advantage is that the behavioral coach can be used within an existing digital patient record as well as separately as a website.

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Behavioral coach

To support this analysis, healthcare professionals can fill in a form in two types of patient files (ONS and Mijncaress).

Each form can be completed by clicking a link in each input field, which opens a video in which the behavioral coach explains the possible behavioral causes. As a result, this video may inspire healthcare professionals to think more broadly about behavioral causes and to better fill in the form. The coach first asks if you want to know something about personality or personality disorders.


For personality, the coach explains the so-called BIG5 personality theory.

People can be described according to different categories of personality traits. All these traits together make someone unique.

3D animation

All behavioral variants are explained with moving animation.

See, for example, the extrovert person’s behavior in the adjoining image.

Personality disorder

There are three categories of personality disorders, each with its own variants.

People with a disorder often have little insight into their own functioning and find it difficult to adapt their behavior to specific situations.

Unique character per disorder

Each disorder is portrayed by a uniquely designed and matching the character. View, for example, the different characters associated with the disorders borderline, antisocial, narcissistic and theatrical in the adjoining image.

By adding a navigation menu and interactive buttons to the video, we’ve made the digital coach’s support more accessible. From the video, you can also easily go back to the form in Nedap or Mijncaress.

The coach is on call from anywhere

Laurens’ digital coach is also available from the main menu which is accessible from all kinds of websites.

For example, via the main menu, the interactive video is also installed as a (web) app on all the smartphones of the home care staff.

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