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With OZOverbinddzorg’s system, clients regain control over their own care and life. Some accessible instructional videos are viewed more than 10,000 times per year.

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Communication platform

OZOverbinddzorg is a communication platform for the elderly and chronically sick.

Because all parties use the same platform, there’s less miscommunication.

Video menu

A responsive video menu makes instructional videos more accessible.

Depending on the device, the video menu is displayed to the left or below the video.


Instructional videos can be accessed in various ways while you maintain a complete overview.

Instructional videos are viewed more than 10,000 times per year.

Easy integration

When users log into the OZO system, an instructional video explains how they can upload a picture of themselves.

As a result, the dashboard will indicate that the instruction video ‘Add photo’ is viewed more often.

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