Interactive Video: Make info accessible

Interactive videos ensure that viewers become involved and remain so. Because viewers make their own choices, they’ll actively work with the information you offer. They only look at what interests them and simply navigate through the content.

Interactive video

Choosing ‘Interactive video’ gives you access to the following additional tools.

Selection buttons

Let viewers choose their desired content or follow-up actions with selection buttons.

Input fields

Have viewers enter information, such as e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.

Video menu

Give viewers an overall idea of the video’s content. Let them navigate content using this menu.

Main menu

Connect videos within a main menu. This gives viewers an excellent overview of all videos and makes it easier for them to find the right one.

Fully Responsive

Reach customers on the smallest smartphone or the largest desktop. GuidingTube’s entire functionality is fully responsive on all devices and screens.

Anonymous linking

Exchange your viewers’ answers completely anonymously with other systems, or link to a secure system via an anonymous variable. This way, viewers won’t have to log in first.

Video Management

Moreover, our Interactive Video product includes the tools associated with our Video Management product.


Manage and monitor video usage across all channels in a single dashboard. This dashboard gives you an overview of view counts, total viewing time, views per message, views per channel and more.

Easy integration

Whenever your GuidingTube videos are really relevant, simply integrate them into your organization’s primary processes without any IT impact.

You want more information about video management?

Video Management
According to users of OZOverbindzorg’s system, the instruction videos are highly accessible.

Cindy Hobert

Director OZOverbindzorg

I really like it that in any given situation you can select how you’d respond and then get an explanation of how to do things differently or even better.

Feedback from a parent

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