Video management: Reach more people

Videos are excellent alternatives to long, confusing texts and complex instructions. Videos bring information to life and make it easier for viewers to understand. But how to make sure your video reaches its target audience?

Video Management

Choosing ‘Video Management’ gives you access to the following tools.


Manage and monitor video usage across all channels in a single dashboard. This dashboard gives you an overview of view counts, total viewing time, views per message, views per channel and more.

Easy integration

Whenever your GuidingTube videos are really relevant, simply integrate them into your organization’s primary processes without any IT impact.

Calling instruction videos from the OZOverbindzorg system had no IT impact whatsoever.

Leendert de Gelder

ICT Manager OZOverbindzorg

The digital coach’s support while I fill out behavioral analysis forms is really great.

Laurens Wonen met Zorg

Home care district nurse

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Increase your target group’s involvement with additional ‘Interactive Video’ tools.

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