How it works

In four easy steps, you make video more accessible and convertible.

Upload your video

Select the video to which you want to add a menu and buttons.

Add menu items

Add the video menu by creating the different menu items.

Add buttons

Add buttons to convert to your website or webshop.

Spread your video

Distribute your video through multiple channels.

Experience the menu

In these videos you can experience the convenience of a video menu. You can view three different examples.

The benefits

Your viewers find the information faster and if desired simply click through to the next step in their customer journey.

More relevant views

Your viewer gets immediately a good idea of the content of your video and finds the relevant information faster. Your viewer uses your video more often as a reference.

More converted views

Your viewer easily clicks through to the next step of the customer journey which can be anything. This, for example, can be a webpage for more detailed information, a webpage for the purchase of a product, or a webpage for starting the onboarding.

Plug and Play subscriptions

Subscriptions can be easily upgraded via credits for additional upload capacity or view time.



USD 1.20 /mo

Save 20%
Upload capacity
100 MB
100 minutes
Select a specific amount of credits for your subscription.
Upload capacity
Credits can be spent on uploading your videos.
Credits can be spent on watching your videos.