Random videos

Randomizers can be built in so that from a number of videos a different video is played completely randomly. For example, a child randomly listens, whines, cries, or gets angry.

Random positioning of buttons

Randomizers can be built in so that selection buttons are randomly positioned. Randomly left and right side for example.

Find out for yourself

In this gamified video, you can see how the above functionalities work together in practice. 

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What clients say

Various companies and organizations already use GuidingTube. Curious about what they think of it?

According to the OZO users, the interactive videos are very accessible.

Cindy Hobert
Director OZO

It is really nice that the interactive videos support me in completing the behavioral analysis.

Nurse at home care

GuidingTube can be integrated into all kinds of secured healthcare systems. A real breakthrough in healthcare!

Stephan Hermsen
Senior advisor Vilans

I really appreciate the fact that in a situation you can choose how you would react and then get an explanation of how you can do it differently or even better.

Respons from parents
TNO research

More citizens give their opinion after seeing the interactive video around Ring West.

Marketing manager
Municipality of Groningen

Thanks to the interactive video with the captain of FC Utrecht, more fans have extended their season ticket.

Marketing manager
FC Utrecht

Thanks to the interactive video tour more applications have been made for the position of a trainee. Not only more, but also the range was more diverse and higher in quality than in previous editions.

Peter de Jong